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Discover the pleasure of travelling together to Coorg !

Discover the pleasure of travelling together to Coorg !

Discover the pleasure of travelling together to Coorg ! Skyway is the only Tour Company offering Coach Tour from Bangalore to Coorg for 2 nights 3 days.?? Tour starts from every Friday from Bangalore airport pick up at 7am and from Bangalore Central Railway Station at 8.30am to Coorg.

Book with family, friends or look for making new friends with co-travellers taking this tour can be an enriching experience if you are ready to loosen up and have fun, come out of your daily routine and make new friends.? Carry your special food and share with co travellers and talk about your culture, have talent, you can sing and entertain while travelling 5 hours. Travelling in groups has many befits to your heart and mind. People open up while travelling in group and share their experience, stories, someone will help you to board your coach, someone will help you to put your luggage, someone punctual will wake you up in the morning.

Travelling is all about experiencing new things, learning something new, respecting locals way of living, understanding their culture, tasting local cuisine, way of dressing, making new friends and contributing local economy to grow.

Couch Tour cost less and it is stress free ? takes the stress of driving and gives you an opportunity to look around ?country side and enjoy the scenery while travelling ?in a coach.??? Our drivers are well trained and knowledgeable and act as your escorts.?? This way you are reducing the greenhouse gas emissions and saving energy for future which is the need of the hour.

Writer: S Mahalingaiah, Director Skyway International Travels, Bangalore

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