Coorg is famous for its cuisine. The cuisine is a blend of Malabar, coastal foods and food which has exclusive use only in Coorg. Thus, in Coorg good food and liquor are considered a staple diet. The apt word for Coorg people enjoying their cuisine is colloquially known as “kudi with kadi”. Rice is abundantly grown in the valley region and thus rice is an important staple diet for the Coorgs.

Kadambuttu (rice dumpings) are immensely popular. The rice can be prepared in many different ways and a variation of this rice is the akkiroti i.e. a Coorg style roti (bread) with rice as the main ingredient. Pickles of bamboo shoots goes well with rice dishes. Maangepajji chutney consisting of raw mangoes with spices laced in curd is another popular dish.

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Puttu is a variety of pounded rice steam cooked preparation which the locals relish. Some of the puttu that is consumed in the region are Kadambuttu, Paaputtu, Nooputtu, Thaliyaputtu, Thambuttu etc.

Non vegetarian dishes, are also immensely popular. Chicken.Crabs, and river fish are the enjoyable eats. But the most interesting dish is the Pandi curry (Pork Curry), which can be had with the Kadambuttu. The unique feature of the dishes in Coorg preparation are - they are laced with local herbs , condiments, pepper and cardamom.