Dating back into time, many attempts were made by Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan the rulers of Mysore to invade Coorg. These were successfully repulsed. However, it was the Britishers under East India Company in 1834 which annexed Coorg. The people of the region accepted British rule peacefully. British rule led to the establishment of educational institutions, introduction of scientific coffee cultivation, better administration and general development of the economy.

After independence, it remained a separate state and on 01-Nov-1956, it merged in to the larger Mysore State, bringing with it some 4102 sq kms. From the tourist perspective the word Mercara, Madikeri and Coorg are all interchangeable.

District : Kodagu
Head quarters : Madikeri or Mercara
Population : Approximately 8 lakhs
Main Rivers : Cauvery, Lakshmanathirtha
Main Crops : Coffee, Pepper, Cardamom, Orange, Paddy
Temperature : Min 10 Degree and Max 30 Degree
Average Rainfall : 2700 mm
Sea level : 4000 ft
Monsoon : June to August
Ideal time to visit: 365 days
Nearest Airport : Mysore – 125 kms, Mangalore - 155 kms, Bangalore - 310 kms and Kannur-112 Kms
Nearest Railway Station : Mysore - 125 kms, Mangalore - 145 kms
Languages : Kodava, Kannada, Hindi, English and Malayalam
Local Dishes : Kadambuttu ( Rice Dumblings), Pandi Curry (Pork Curry), Noolputtu (Rice Noodles), Koli Curry (Chicken Curry), Votti (Rice Rotti), Bambale Curry (Bamboo shoot curry)