The name Madikeri has a very historical link. A prominent Haleri king Muddu Raja was the ruler of Coorg from 1633 to 1687 and also colloquially referred to as Muddu Raja Keri and thus the name got derived.  By 1834, the British Raj had a direct control over the regionas they found similarities with their own land back in England. Thus, Madikeri/Coorg is aptly referred to as the Scotland of India.

Madikeri is a picturesque city and the capital of Kodagu (also known as Coorg). It is the land of coffee, cardamom, Army Colonels, and the River Cauvery. The capital of Kodagu District is located in a beautiful hilly setting surrounded by the forested slopes of the Western Ghats. Here, time seems to have stopped. Dotted with a cluster of red-roofed dwellings and a bustling bazaar, the town, is situated at an elevation of 1525 m, and has a charming old-world look. Madikeri provides access to some excellent picnic spots too.