Apart from touring if shopping is in the agenda, then, it offers a traveller many shopping options. There is lush greenery all around and almost every estate would either have a coffee estate or spices plantation or a combination of both. The popular spices are pepper and cardamom. Vanilla and cocoa beans could also be found in some of the plantations.

The local market is the hub for all the shopping ranging from purchase of spices and coffee. Infact, coffee is a cottage industry with many local brands, and each one of these brands gives out an exquisite taste and aroma of Coorg coffee. Honey is harvested from the forests and the market is flooded with local brand names which are popular amongst tourists.

Shopping in Coorg

The local Coorg silk is quite famous and sarees are woven. Keeping in mind tourists taste, the woven saree has prints and motifs suitable for modern ethnic wear. Another interesting feature of Coorg shopping are the artefacts and decorations depicting Tibetian architecture. The Tibetian styled items are available in the Kushal Nagar market.

Sandalwood products, ethnic jewellery available locally only in Coorg, local scents incense sticks, mythological figures are some of the other items that is widely available in Coorg.

Shopping Tips :

Generally, being a tourist town the prices are marked higher so as to not to miss out an opportunity to sell goods at premium rates. Thus impulsive buying should be avoided and rates should be cross checked and ascertain the reasonably of the prices before a purchase decision is made. Thus, shoppers be ware !!!