Terms & Conditions

  1. The passenger and/or holder of this ticket/voucher and/or his/her party (hereinafter referred to as the holder) does hereby consciously and wilfully release and absolve SKYWAY INTERNATIONAL TRAVELS and its officers and employees, from any liabilities for property loss, damage including loss from personal injury, death or delay, damage or loss of their baggage or other property, where so ever occurring, whether on board any aircraft/vehicle/vessel or on board any other conveyance, while engaged on any travel and/or tour due to the ownership, maintenance of any automobile, common carrier, air liner, coach, taxi, cruise liner etc. whether or not due to its or their negligence or otherwise and regardless of any cause.
  2. SKYWAY INTERNATIONAL TRAVELS shall not be responsible for any loss, injury or damage resulting from acts of God, breakdown of machinery, riots, thefts or any delays or changes in itinerary including any extra expenses which the holder may incur as a result of any aforesaid causes.
  3. It is understood that SKYWAY INTERNATIONAL TRAVELS acts as an agent for any transport company/air or ground carrier/cruise liner and the hotels etc., Concerned, and shall have no liability as the principal or any other way, and shall have no obligation or liability of any kind to the ticket/voucher holder/s, or for the acts, omission, malpractice or negligence of independent contractors which provide any service to the ticket/voucher holder or his/her party. Independent contractors are not agents or employees of the SKYWAY INTERNATIONAL TRAVELS Independent contractors include, but are not limited to: (1) Cruise Liners; (2) physicians providing medical care to the passenger either on board a Vessel, land or on shore; (3) persons or entities providing services or products off the aircraft/vehicle/vessel or transportation other than on the aircraft/vehicle/vessel including, without limitation, shore excursions, hotels, air carriers, rail companies, bus companies, sightseeing boat operators, restaurants, gift shops, scuba diving companies, and fishing boat operators and cruise Liners, Caterers, Airlines, Event Organisers, Event Managers etc..

  4. SKYWAY INTERNATIONAL TRAVELS shall not be liable in case of any dispute between the service provider and the holder of this ticket/voucher.

  5. The service provider shall honour this voucher/ticket as per the payment instructionsspecified and/or as per mutual or multilateral agreement that exists between SKYWAYINTERNATIONAL TRAVELS and the service provider and will have no other claims on SKYWAYINTERNATIONAL TRAVELS.

  6. In case of exceptional circumstances, and in case of alternate accommodation/transport is provided, SKYWAY INTERNATIONAL TRAVELS maximum liability is restricted to the amount collected from the ticket/voucher holder only and nothing beyond.

  7. Refunds in case of No show or cutting short the trip, by the ticket/voucher holder will be subject to the terms and conditions of the service provider. Hotels are not liable to make refunds in case of cancellation of flights, trains or bus for whatever reason.

  8. Rates of Hotels/Transport etc. are subject to change without notice. Prevailing rates and taxes would be applicable irrespective of amount paid in advance.

  9. SKYWAY INTERNATIONAL TRAVELS reserves the right to cancel any ticket/voucher, and refund the advance amount if so collected after deducting the service fee and the ticket/voucher holder shall have no further claim of whatsoever nature thereafter.

  10. Refunds shall be processed only as per terms and conditions of the service provider. Refund would be made after deducting processing charges in the name of the ticket/voucher holder or in the name of the company which made the original payment.

  11. No refunds shall be given in cash.

  12. In the event that service charge/s has/have been charged to the ticket/voucher holder by SKYWAY INTERNATIONAL TRAVELS the liability of SKYWAY INTERNATIONAL TRAVELS limited only to the extent of the amount charged as service charge/s, and the liability shall not exceed in any/all circumstances of whatsoever nature.

  13. For last minutes cancellation, please inform the service provider directly to avoid no show, cancellation or retention charges by the service provider.